5 Tips for Staying Fit N Fun with the Family



Being fit with your family is one thing. But having fun while doing it is another. Kids love having fun--being outside, making forts, creating, imagining and staying active. It's one thing that we, as adults, have lost sight of. Many adults don't find the fun in staying active. And what better way to staying active than with our families? That's why we believe in staying Fit and Funley's!

Need some ideas to keep your family Fit while living Funley? Grab a box of SUPER CRACKERS, WHOLLY GRANOLLY CLUSTERS or STIX IN THE MUD and check out some fun tips to help you and your family stay active and fit, while having fun at the same time!

  1. Go Outside!   There is so much to do outside, especially in the summer. So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the great outdoors! Even if you can't stand the thought of camping, there's sure to be an outdoor activity your whole family can enjoy. Sit poolside in the summer. If you don't have a pool, set up a slip and slide and watch your kids have fun. Hiking is an outdoor activity that is not only free, but also super fun for kids when they see critters along the trail. Sledding is always the easy outdoor activity to partake in in the winter. But if you want to step up your game just a little, try snowboarding or skiing.
  2. ImageDo Something Your Kids Love!   The whole point of staying Fit and Funley's is to have FUN! Trust me when I say that you won't have fun if your kids aren't having fun--nothing like a temper tantrum and crying to shake up your day. The easiest way to insure everyone has fun is to do something that you know your kids love. No, playing video games does NOT count! What does? Play time. Play basketball, play marco polo in the pool, play tag. Sound childish? Maybe. But you'll realize when you're winded just how much running around burns those calories! Plus, your kids will always want to partake in being Fit and Funley's if it always involves play!
  3. Do Something Out of the Ordinary!   No need to always do the same old thing over and over again. Try to make certain days more special than others just to keep from making the whole "staying active" routine dull and boring. Kids get bored easily, so every once in a while it's always a great idea to switch it up. Go to a pumpkin patch in the fall, take a trip to the mountains in the winter, go to an amusement park in the spring, visit the beach or lake as often as possible in the summer. These are just some ideas that your kids would LOVE and let's be honest, wouldn't you too? The whole point is just to switch things up every once in a while and make hanging out with the family special.
  4. Have a Family Day!   It's always a difficult task to get the family together once a week for a full fledged family day, but try to make it possible. Teach your kids that family time is important. On these specific days, you should do something active during the day--a DIY obstacle course, play basketball, go bowling, go bike riding--then do something fun in the evening with your family--play board games, watch a movie, make arts and crafts. Engage with the kids, they'll love it!
  5. Make Snack Time Fun!   Snack time is always important when the kids get out of school. They're hungry and you get about an hour to sit and chat with your kids. It's a great time for them to sit, eat and do homework. Not only are you there to help them with homework, but you're also there to talk to them about what happened at school that day. Give your family all natural healthier-option snacks that they love! Here are some ideas: fresh cut fruit and veggies, homemade fresh juice popsicles, all natural peanut butter and celery sticks  are always great options when you have time. If you work however and are busy and need some pre-packaged snacks for on-the-go, skip the greasy chips and trips to the nearest fast food joint. Go to the trusted source of natural snacks and try something better for them to keep your kids healthy! Hint: FUNLEY'S SUPER CRACKERS has hidden SUPERFOODS VEGGIES in them like broccoli!