5 Dad Blogs We Love

Tips, secrets and fun for the dads...

You may have thought that we've forgotten about dads…but rest assured, we have not. After all, dads are the ones who continue being the biggest kids themselves despite graying hair, reseeding hairlines and having to turn in their ever-so-loved "man cars" for minivans. So, I've done some research for a few of the best dad blogs for you to check out. I promise they're comical, fun and witty. You just let me know how much you love them.

Busy Dad Blog


Hilarious and witty, Busy Dad Blog is a favorite for sure. There isn't a single underlying theme to this blog, but I will say I was entertained with the "How Dexter Would Cook a Turkey" video. Why do I love this blog? Because Jim makes me laugh without even knowing who I am and his kids are friggin' adorable.

Mocha Dad

Wanting to share his life as a black father, Fred started Mocha Dad in 2008. We love his passion of being a dad, a husband and a Texan! Wanting to "counter the negative stereotypes regarding black fatherhood," you can be sure to find amazing blog posts like "Marriage is for White People." I love this. You may just love this too.

DaDa Rocks

A New Yorker and a techie himself, Adam is DaDa Rocks. City adventures, gift ideas, giveaways and reviews, this blog has it all for the dad around NYC and beyond. Need advice from a fellow dad and husband? Adam is here to help. Guys, take note.

Look What Mom Found and Dad Too

A mom and dad duo, this blog gives perspective from both parents. Cosmetic reviews? Check. Trendy electronics reviews? Check. Recipes and giveaways? Check and check. Love a blog for both mom and dad? Look What Mom Found and Dad Too may be just what you're looking for.

Geek Dad

From Wired Magazine and for the inner geeks, Geek Dad may be the blog for you. Cars, gadgets, gaming and more, this blog knows just how to satisfy any inner-geeky dad. As an inner-nerd myself, I can definitely appreciate the techie things in life.