Holiday Gift Guide for Your Kids

Don't know what to get the kiddos? Here to help!

The holidays are in full swing and so the gift-buying has already begun! On that note, I'd like to introduce some helpful go-to gift-do's for the kiddos in your family. We're sure their lists are long this year, but these handsome gifts are sure to please any kid under your roof. What's even better? All of these gifts are $60 and less! I know…quite the feat for this holiday season! So, be sure to snag these hot commodities while you can!

1. Space Rocket Tent ($20)
Nothing is like the imagination of a little boy. So, intrigue him just a little with this tent in the shape of a rocket ship! Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, your kid will be sleeping under the stars in this cute gift.


2. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk ($55)
Little girls love playing dress-up. Little girls also love being princesses. Thus, little girls LOVE the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk! Comes with all of the dresses from each of the main princesses as well as a nifty trunk for easy clean-up.


3. Lalaloopsy Doll ($25)
For whatever reason, girls around the ages of 5-7 have been freaking out over this doll! Why? I haven't a clue. Regardless, your little girl will love it! And it also comes in a variety of skin colors, hair colors, clothes and pets.


4. LeapFrog Leapster Learning2 Learning Game System ($60)
Love seeing your little one learn? Snag the Leapster Learning Game System and watch your child's eyes light up to new sounds, music and games all while learning!


5. Angry Birds: Knock on Wood ($20)
If you're like most parents, you probably handed over your phone to your little ones to play Angry Birds when they're bored. And now your child can play anytime he or she wants without needing you to hand over your phone.


6. Discovery Exclusive FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set ($39)
Every kid loves walkie talkies, but now here's a cool twist…walkie talkie watches! Let your kid play and imagine with these bad boys. And help him be the coolest kid on your block with these stealthy walks.


7. Lazertag System 2pk ($60)
Now you don't have to go to a lazer tag place and spend a million dollars to play lazer tag with your kid! Each set comes with two systems for just $60 a set! Play indoors or roll around outdoors. Either way, your kid is going to love this!


8. Glee Jammin' Journal ($20)
Glee is an obvious tv hit, which is why your 8-12 year old girl is going to love this Glee Journal! She can write all of her secrets in her secure journal…just like every girl her age wants to do. But your not allowed to's private stuff!


9. iPod Shuffle ($49)
Your child wants an iPod, but you're weary because he or she might lose it. Here's one for size…how about a Shuffle? Starting at only $49, who cares if they lose it? Comes in a variety of colors.


10. iTunes (?)
Perfect for all ages. You determine the dollar amount. You control what music, movies, games your kid buys. What more can I say? Your teen will appreciate this gift no doubt.


11. Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription ($10)
You've got a teen girl on your hands and nothing you're doing seems to be quite right. Trust me when I say, "I understand." Get your teen a yearly subscription to Teen Vogue! Easy. And it's a gift she'll enjoy ready for the entire year!

12. Just Dance 3 ($40)
Get something your whole family will enjoy! Just Dance 3 will show off your embarrassing--I mean snazy--dance moves! Get this game for your Wii or XBox 360 for your family game nights and enjoy some quality, fun time with your family.


In need of stocking stuffers? Don't forget to grab some FUNLEY'S! STIX IN THE MUD (BUY NOW) are the greatest option with all its chocolatey goodness. I'd say they're the best pick-me-up at 7 o'clock in the morning when your kids insist on waking up early to open presents. Just put a few more in your stocking...