Valentine's Day Fun for the Fam

What to do on this upcoming lovey dovey holiday with your family!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're ecstatic about the upcoming holiday or just down right dreading it, let's get the kids involved to make sure they feel just as loved as they are! What to do on Valentine's Day with the rug rats? Here are some fun ideas…just don't forget to whip out the FUNLEY'S STIX IN THE MUD as your chocolate treats!

Arts N Crafts


Do you make your valentines or do you store-buy them? Either way, it's a fun ritual to make valentines with your kids! First thing's first, grab a classroom roster from your child's teacher so no one is left out of the festivities. If you're having your little one make his/her own valentines, get creative by using magazines, coloring books, craft paper, paper lace doilies, even leftover bows, ribbon and wrapping paper! Or just grab a convenient little box of the latest pre-made valentines from your nearest grocery store or pharmacy.

Movie Night


It's all about the chick flicks around this lovey dovey holiday! But what to see that the kids can watch and that you'll want to watch…? Here are some choices that we think you'll all love…and don't forget to bust out the FUNLEY'S snacks!

1. Rio (freaking adorable)

2. Beauty and the Beast 3-D (a returned classic! YAY!)

3. Rango (Johnny Depp? Need I say more for the moms?)

4. Big Miracle (for the animal lovers in your fam)

5. Star Wars: Episode I Phantom Menace 3-D (for the self-acclaimed nerds that we love)

Game Night


I know this sounds complicated. But allow me to walk you through this…pick a game your whole family loves to play, pick a time, play.

Happy Valentine's Day from FUNLEY'S to you and your family! :)