Funley’s Super Salad

Make your salads zing with Super Crackers® Crunch.

Make salads fun for the kids by adding some Funley's Delicious All Natural Super Crackers® crunch!


  • One head of lettuce / Bag of pre-cut lettuce
  • One tomato
  • Two stalks of celery
  • One Cucumber
  • Two packages of All Natural Super Crackers® (Any Flavor - they have Superfood veggies in them!)
  • Any additional items such as carrots, olives, beets, spinach, nuts, meats, tofu and cheese (whatever your kids like!)


  • Wash all vegetables
  • Cut and dice all vegetables
  • Place them in a bowl
  • Take two packages of Super Crackers®, before opening, crush the inside crackers with your hand until they become small pieces
  • Open Super Cracker® packages and sprinke over the salad

Makes 2-4 Servings