Eat one. Don't be one.™

  • 100% Natural
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Trans Fats
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Artificial ANYTHING!
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Our Famous Ingredients: Roll Over to Find out More!

All Natural salty-sweet, crunchy, chocolate Treat!


Pure natural blend of MILK & DARK chocolate has natural flavonoids (antioxidants) the body needs.


Our secret cookie bits inside are made from whole grain corn & whole grain wheat flour and have no oils at all in them, but you’d never know!



Original - 4.5oz Box (approx 11 wrapped pieces Inside) - $4.39

WINNER Fitness Magazine's Healthy Snack Awards 2011! QVC sell-out (watch the video)! If you like DARK chocolate, then Original STIX IN THE MUD® is for you. A homemade recipe and 100% Natural, these cookie clusters are a blend of pure milk & dark chocolate with crunchy, savory whole grain flour cookie bits inside giving you a salty-sweet delicious treat! It's a better-for-you choice than other chocolate candy. Individually wrapped for self control. Feel free to comment below!

What’s this Funley’s Delicious Secret?: 

It all began one day on the Funley's not-so-ordinary farm. Moe stumbled into a substantial puddle of mud while carrying and armful of sticks resulting in the treat that started it all - STIX IN THE MUD®. Happy accident! All Natural pure dark and milk chocolate clusters are filled with crunchy savory (unsweetened) whole grain flour cookie bits, creating a deliciously unique poppable chocolate treat. Millie's two rules at Funley's Delicious: One, Moe keeps hit mitts out of the batter, and two, all that comes from her kitchen must be ALL NATURAL, the best quality, DELISH, and fun to eat.


"We love Stix in the Mud! I serve them to my kids and family all the time. And I love to set them out for events, holidays, and parties."

Joanne - Walnut Creek, CA


"Where have you been all my life Funleys?!!!? These are the best cookies I've ever tasted! I'm addicted!"

Erin - Phoenix, AZ


"I bring these to work and my whole office gobbles them up. I now have to hide them so I don't run out when I want my 4 o'clock snack."

Jenna - Chicago, IL