Superfood veggies hidden inside!™

  • 100% Natural
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Trans Fats
  • Good Source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Artificial ANYTHING! GMO Free
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California school government guidelines - strictest in the U.S.




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All Natural Cornbread Crackers (hidden Superfood: SWEET POTATO)


Sweet Potatoes are a Superfood rich in beta-carotene (same level as carrots), and are a true unsung hero of foods that have significant health benefits.


Organic sweet yellow corn is high in fiber and many essential nutrients including Vitamin C and folic acid.



Cornbread n' Stuff (hidden Sweet Potato) - 4.23oz Box (6-90 Cal Pks Inside) - $3.89

This one sneaks up on you with that rich and delicious slightly honey-sweetened cornbread taste we all love! 100% natural made with organic corn, Cornbread n’ Stuff SUPER CRACKERS® (hidden Superfood Sweet Potato) have a good source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron, and are SB-12 School Compliant, but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy! Feel free to add a comment below!

What’s this Funley’s Delicious Secret?: 

Moe was hauling SUPERFOOD sweet potatoes on the Funley’s farm to the kitchen when he accidentally spilled some into a batch of Millie's famous cornbread cracker dough, resulting in a super delicious, wholesome new twist, ALL NATURAL CORNBREAD n’ STUFF SUPER CRACKERS. With Superfood veggies, vitamins and minerals hidden inside, you'd never know you were eating such goodness. The town is now crying for SUPER CRACKERS! Millie's two rules at Funley's Delicious: One, Moe keeps his mitts out of the batter, and two, all that comes from her kitchen must be ALL NATURAL, the best quality, DELISH, and fun to eat!


“Yum, the cornbread Super Crackers are my favorite! I’m a registered dietician and my daughter asks for these over cookies, yes! I love that because I know she’s getting those hard to get vitamins she needs.”

Healthy Mom – Southlake, TX


“My kids L-O-V-E these crackers, thank you Funley’s! I eat them too because they are the perfect size for a quick low cal snack at work!”

Barbara - Brentwood, CA


“Finally, natural snacks I can trust that actually taste good. I only buy natural and organic snacks for my family, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to throw them away because my family won’t eat them! Yours taste divine. I love all your products!”

Anna - Chicago, IL